Voicemod for Agora - FAQ

Voicemod’s audio filter extension for Agora Marketplace apps

How do I add the extension to my Agora Marketplace App?

To use the extension, download the file(s) corresponding to your operating system(s) from our releases repository, and follow the instructions in the documentation page.

How large is the extension?

The extension currently uses 70MB of storage space for Android and 100MB for iOS (package sizes).

What pricing plans are available?

The extension is free for two (2) weeks, and will be charged at $1/1000 minutes after that.

What are Voicemod’s Terms and Conditions?

Please read our End User License Agreement.

Can I get more voices?

We will be releasing an extended voice pack soon. Stay tuned!

Can I use other Voicemod features such as Soundboard?

We don’t currently support the use of Soundboard within an Agora Marketplace app, but we’re working on it. Stay tuned for v2 of our extension.